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On the whole Team Minaj vs. Common Folk topic....
I think the TM members are the people that really love and support Nicki with their WHOLE heart. Most of us do. I, for one, talk about Nicki 24/7 and I KNOW my friends and family are sick of it. My coach even started calling me Mini Nicki. People call me all kinda stuff cuz I support Nicki so much. Doesn't phase me one bit. The CFs get on twitter, tweet some links and think they're team minaj. they want follows, even though they don't directly ask for it... a CF has a different mind set, I don't think it's necessarily their actions. I mean, anybody could buy a bunch of pink friday copies and nicki t-shirts, but a team minaj member truly truly LOVES nicki even though they know she'll probably never see you, meet you, whatever. TM feels close to her despite the distance.

And on the topic about team minaj's issues, people always say that the Team Minaj members have been there since '07. I'm a ladybug, in '07 when Nicki first started I was too young to be goin around rappin to playtime is over. I admit, the first time I heard Nicki it was mainstream with Bedrock, but since then I have every mixtape, feature, music video, and I bought Pink Friday like 7 times! I said before that a CF could do that, too, but I love Nicki so much :-) She's like my big sister, and she means so so so much to me. I cried when I met her!!!!! Just me being in the same room with her made me break down. That's Team Minaj. That's love. Yes, I am a new stan, and when I first made my TM twitter... I was really really intimidated. I feel like there's so many people that are like.... the "big dogs" and I know that Nicki is the ONLY big dog.. but to me it felt like there was like 10-15 people that are like... TM Royalty... it sounds stupid but from my view Team Minaj, we're really cliquey. And all that fighting... Nicki sees it and she hates it and that's why she puts us on BD so much! We're not only making ourselves look bad.. we're letting Nicki down and personally, knowing that Nicki is disappointed in us, in me really (even though I never fight with anyone but we're a team so we get punished together) is the WORST feeling ever. And I'm sick of it.

That's it lol, sorry it's so long!!!!!!!!! *Muah*

Thank you SOOO much for sending us that. I think all of TM needs to read this. Good job mami!

Sean Kingston remains in critical, but stable condition following a jet ski accident that left him injured over the weekend. A rep for the singer says he “is sedated but fully conscious” and is currently hooked up to a ventilator with a tube inserted in his throat.

“He is aware of what is going on around him,” his rep tells MTV News, while Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he is undergoing treatment, adds, “Sean Kingston is currently in critical but stable condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. Sean’s family asks for privacy at this time but is thankful to his friends, family, and fans for their outpouring of prayers and well wishes.”

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